Expertise in Rope and Wire Rope Fatigue Testing for Bridge, Mining
                              Elevators, Cranes & Off Shore

M.R.E. develops innovative, one-of-a-kind solutions for the most challenging issues facing rope and wire rope technology applications .  

Our proprietary technology allows rope manufacturers and end users to test ropes under real loading conditions, fully simulating the actual loading cycles of hoisting and elevation applications such as deep mining, elevators, cranes, and off-shore installations.

Our advanced in-line monitoring technology detects underlying faults and imperfections in the stranding and closing processes of shaped strand ropes, ensuring that no faulty strand reaches the closing process.  

M.R.E. technology features international patents and is currently being used by leading rope manufacturers worldwide.  

 Our services and expertise include: 
M.R.E Matron rope and wire rope engineering has developed an online robotic facility for monitoring bridge cables

  • Special test machines that simulate ultra-deep mining shafts and evaluate the service life of wire ropes in these applications.
  • Tension - Torsion Fatigue testing of wire ropes.
  • Design of fatigue facilities and testing procedures for the examination of wire rope performance according to specific hoisting and elevation applications.
  • Computer simulation of the rope's mechanical properties and the design/optimization of rope and wire rope cross sections.
  • In-line monitoring of geometrical features of un-circular and shaped strands during stranding and closing processes 
  • Cranes/wire rope inspection, analysis and investigation of causes for fast rope deterioration.
  • Determination of discard criteria for wire ropes according to specific applications.
  • Testing of elevator ropes under traction conditions.
  • Hoisting and elevation system analysis for optimal service life.
  • Laboratory facilities for the testing of wire ropes.

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About M.R.E 

M.R.E. Rope and Wire Rope Engineering is an independent international testing laboratory and development center for rope and wire rope technology, specializing in fatigue and mechanical testing of wire ropes and ropes for hoisting and elevation applications.

Our mission is to support rope manufacturers and end users by improving rope safety, quality and reliability, as well as the efficiency of the appliances that use them.

  • We offer a variety of services including:
  • Fatigue machines for both miniature and large size rope testing
  • Laboratory rope testing services  
  • In-line monitoring technology for closing and stranding processes 
  • Field measurements of heavy duty application performance
  • Project development
  • Training and consulting

 Special Fatigue Machines 

Our expertise lies in the design of unique fatigue testing facilities and procedures dedicated to the evaluation of mechanical and fatigue performance of wire ropes and ropes for different applications.

These include ultra-deep mining shafts, (Koepe and drum winders), mid and high rise elevator applications, mooring lines, heavy duty cranes and slings for critical hoisting operations. 


Our experience includes development projects with leading elevator companies and first class wire rope and rope manufacturers, the designing and inspection of critical hoisting in the aerospace industry, critical hoisting design and inspection in the electrical industry, extensive participation in wire rope failure investigations and testing of new suspension means constructed of high performance fibers.

Inspection and Failure Analysis 

M.R.E. supplies inspection services for wire ropes installed in crane applications. These activities include the inspection of the rope and its interfaces with the hoisting appliances, identifying machine problems, consulting services regarding rope selection for specific applications, and providing solutions for cases of fast wire rope deterioration.

Qualified Team

International rope and wire rope expert Dr. Ronen Ashkenazi leads a highly qualified team of experts. The staff provides rope and wire rope manufacturers and end users with knowledgeable, reliable and quick technical service as well as cost-effective solutions to the most challenging issues in the fields of rope and wire rope technology and applications.


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Company Clients  include leading Israeli and internatio na
 companies in various industries:

  • Mining companies world wide
  • IAI, Israel Aerospace industry
  • Israel Electrical company
  • Elta Systems Ltd
  • Baran Group Ltd, Israel
  • Leading elevator company
  • Leading Rope and Wire Rope manufacturers
  • Rafael
  • Mekorot, Israel's National Water company
  • CSIR, SA, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Israel Defence ministry
  • Variety of cranes users.    


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