Saving money and budget in hoisting operating expenses 
mining and heavy duty cranes  
M.R.E. has wide experience with regard to the analysis of rope hoisting systems at different applications: mining, heavy duty cranes, high rise elevators etc.
We will visit yours plant and listen to yours problems and fears, will analysis tha application and examining all its components and sub systems in order to provide you:
The best recomendations in order to improve budget, safety and production.
M.R.E. service includes consulting with regard to optimization of hoisting systems. Our experience includes anaysis of the performance of deep Koepe and drum winder shafts: equalizer performance, traction performance, rope maintenance and inspection.  
Analysis of the hoisting system: rope and its interactions with the machine
  • Rope selection  
  • Rope deterioration process
  • Rope inspection
  • Optimal design of rope systems to achieve good interaction between rope and machine
  • Identifying the sources and causes for fast un- reasonable deterioration rate of the ropes   
  • Training of the maintenance team with regard to rope issues: inspection and discarding
  • Consulting with regard to good practice in rope issues   
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