Dr. Ashkenazi is presenting at O.I.P.E.E.C conference 2009 
Traction fatigue testing on synthetic ropes for elevators
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Papers and Conferences


Massmin 2012, -6th International Conference and Exhibition on Mass Mining


Dr. Ashkenazi presented a paper on:

New Technology for The Testing and Simulating the Performance and Service Life of Wire Ropes Spin and Non Spin, Installed at Deep Mining Shafts, Koepe and Drum Winders



24th - 26th April 2012, The Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, UK


Dr. Ashkenazi presented a paper on:


Deterioration Mechanisms in Wire Ropes as Depends on

Loading Cycle, Application, Installation Conditions and Rope Cross Section




Cranes Asia, September 2011, Singapore 


Programme Day One

Safety Wednesday 7th September, 2011

Afternoon session:   
Rope and rigging

Ronen Ashkenazi,
MRE Matron Wire Rope Engineering

Testing of large diameter ropes for offshore lifting operations

  • The challenges of testing large diameter wire ropes
  • Some failure modes
  • A technique for testing large diameter wire ropes
Dr. Ronen Ashkenazi presented some test results of 8 strand IWRC ropes 40 mm, intalled at heavy duty grab cranes. Failure mechanisms for specific rope design were presented. Issues with regard to safety and discard criterial were emphasized during the presentation.
A large diameter testing machine for the testing of large diameter ropes under bending and fluctiating tension was presented.
 Cranes Today Magazine

Cranes today 28 July 2011

The magazine describes the activities of M.R.E. Matron Rope and Wire Rope Engineering

Title: Picking the right rope

" MRE Matron Rope and Wire Rope Engineering, an Israeli firm, has developed a test to show how a specific crane might be fatiguing its rope with the aim of improving rope life "
The 16th North Sea Offshore Cranes and Lifting Conference  April 2011
"Ronen Ashkenazi got many questions after his interesting talk"
O.I.P.E.E.C conference 2009

Dr. Ronen Ashkenazi made a presentation on the testing of elevator ropes at:

Innovative Ropes and Rope Applications, A celebration of 175 years of wire rope


"Over 2 days a total of 22 presentation on rope science, technology, safety, and inspection were presented. The topics ranged from the history of rope (Weiss and Ridge), high performance roundslings (St. Germain), synthetic ropes under traction fatigue (Ashkenazi), swaged fitting under tension and fatigue (Raupp), over discard investigation of wire rope used in a gold mine (Rebel) to a finite element approach for rope modeling (Usabiaga/Durville). R. Ashkenazi, The performance of synthetic ropes under extensive traction fatigue tests"

 O.I.P.E.E.C conference 2006

Trends for Ropes,

R. Ashkenazi, D. Elata and M.P. Weiss

The breaking load of the 19*7 non-rotating wire rope under swivel condition

O.I.P.E.E.C conference 2003
R. Ashkenazi, D. Elata and M.P. Weiss

Torsion and bending stresses in non-rotation-resistance tower-crane ropes


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