Elevator testing
Synthetic ropes as a suspension mean for high rise elevator
M.R.E. experience includes wide and deep studying of the performance of synthetic ropes constructed of high performance fibers.
This experience includes:
  • Traction fatigue simulator design for a leading elevator company
  • Conducting extensive traction fatigue testing on ropes under specific traction loading
  • Involve in rope design with a leading rope manufacturer
Confidential commitment prevents M.R.E. to be involved in synthetic rope design and developing for the elevator application.
Accordingly M.R.E. activities with regard to elevator are focused on:
M.R.E. services on elevator testing

1. Fatigue testing under traction loading for wire ropes.

A testing tower with a height of 10 m' provides the ability to perform traction loading tests for wire ropes up to 16 mm
The test includes:
  • Measurements of T1   T2 traction loading.
  • Conducting the fatigue test under specific sheave arrangements.
  • Measuring sliding during traction
  • Characterize the rope and groove traction performance during life time.


2. Consulting on ropes problems

  •  Identifying problems with regard to fast deterioration of elevator ropes. 

This includes an examination of machine controlling, shaft design, vibrations, groove mechanical - metallurgical and geometry properties, load sharing between suspensions etc.

  • Consulting on wire rope selection

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